Unique Transformational Experience

This workshop is for healers and empaths on a healing journey. Most trainings about healing focus on a specific technic but Heal With Insight is unique because it focuses on the SKILLS of being a healer.

One skill in particular - discernment.

Developing discernment is critical in your healing journey. Healing often requires exploring subtle energy, emotions and thoughts. Think of all the times you have picked up an emotion only to realized later that it wasn't even yours.

The more attuned you become in your ability to be discenring the more accurately you can understand your expirience and choose the next right action for the highest good. Like letting go of someone elses emotional expirience.

Due to the transformational nature of this workshop it is best spread over 2 days to allow for processing. Please email to organize this workshop at your event or venue.

Dates & Locations of Heal With Insight

October 5 & 6
Vanscoy, SK
Contact to register