Belief-Busting Session

30min Belief Re-patterning® Demo Session

Get On The Upside!

Many people don't know what Belief Re-patterning® is and they understandably don't connect how it transforms lives.
Changing the stories we tell ourselves directly affects our behaviours and emotions. Belief Re-patterning® begins at the source - our stories. Which means it can change ANY aspect of your life.

The Belief Re-patterning® technique is simple. Essentially as a practitioner, I will guide you through a series of statements that will allow your brain to begin to re-write a specific belief. Maybe that sounds too simple to be effective but the brilliance of this technique is that it is based on learning theory making it both unique and powerful.

This easy 30min session is for people, like you, who are interested in the technique but want to test its effectiveness before they commit.

Investment: $63.00

Your Transformation Adventure

Weekly, 6-week Personal Transformation Program

Get A New Story!

Everything in our life is affected by the stories we tell ourselves. Whether it's relationships, money, boundaries or self-care if you are experiencing the same results over and over again and you are TIRED of it, this program is for you!

 You need a new story and I can help you write one.

$250 X 3 months -  Or pay in full.

Unlearn & Awaken Program

Weekly, 4-month Personal Transformation Program

Live Your Truth!

The quickest way to living your truth with yourself and others is by developing a healthy relationship with yourself. Mind, Body, Soul & Community.

When you have a strong relationship with your mind and body you feel POWERFUL but there is that little niggling feeling like you have a bigger purpose. When you have community and soul you are contributing and LIVING YOUR PURPOSE but often you forget about YOU! When all four pillars are communicating you feel whole. You become a powerful human who lives and speaks their truth.

 $550 X 4 months -  Or pay in full.

Real People, Real Results 

I love connecting with cool & interesting people, like YOU!

"Working with Ashley was fantastic. I always felt heard and seen. She frequently would check-in to see if we were on the right path and things were resonating with every part of me. She listened attentively and caught many limiting beliefs I didn't even realize I was carrying!"

Kay Schultz
Self Empowerment & Life Purpose Coach

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