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Who is Ashley Van Brabant??

Ashley Van Brabant helps her clients become emotionally intelligent leaders in their lives and communities through the use of a powerful learning technique technique called Belief Re-patterningĀ®.

With 15 years of development in leadership and spirituality she has developed accurate intuition, keen insight and wisdom she uses to support her clients.

On any given day, you will find her with her horses, snowboarding, or having real conversations about environmental, social, and political issues.

What Her Clients Say...

I already feel so much more freedom and expansion and am so excited to explore who I am without this trauma running the show. Thank you Ashley!!!

Nicole Rose

 "Places where I was very stuck are now filled with ease, and old patterns that didn't serve me anymore just fell away with minimal struggle. Absolutely 100% recommend!

Melissa Glowinski

 "I was so impressed with Ashley's intuitive nature and how right smack on she was with what I needed to get to the place of peace and calm and power in myself that I was seeking. I highly recommend Ashley. She'll work miracles for you as well!!!."

Rebecca Gardner

Bringing Inner Transformation Out - side

Ashley Van Brabant founded the Adventurous Spirit to bring inner transformation out-side by helping leaders like you increase your emotional well-being to make healthier decisions so that you can sustainably further your vision. At the Adventurous Spirit we believe that emotionally healthy leadership is the quickest way to healthy families, organizations and communities.

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